…If Carlsberg did Garden parties…..


Set in the heart of rural Wiltshire, with it’s own grounds, and woods is Middlewick House…….home to none other than rock-god Nick Mason , Pink Floyd Drummer, and , more importantly a petrolhead with some serious money !!! (where is the ‘envy’ button !!!!)

Once you get into the county roads of Wiltshire, you realise you’re far from the drudge of working life, and a calm sets in as you marvel at the surrounding scenery.


I was taking a last long drive in the Z4 Roadster before the replacement arrives (more on this in a later blog post !) , so, ‘Sport Mode’ enagaged, the twisting lanes take on a life of their own as you wind your way into a more and more rural setting.


Eventually we get very close, so close in fact, that my satnav proclaims e have in fact “Reached our destination” , but th Mason residence is nowhere to be scene, and by the look of another two bewildered drivers, both out of their cars they are also lost ! So we fire up Google Maps, they’re never wrong are they ??? 5 miles later, we reach the dame spot !!!, but catch a glimpse of a friends Caterham flashing past a junction ahead, followed by a very nice 50’s kit Ferrari…We’re on the right track …..FOLLOW THAT CAR !

The house is down a narrow lane that a few widebody cars were having some issues getting down, but that is the price of a perfect setting for a house,and we soon arrive in a field where , later , a record 2000 cars would arrive in …..Let that sink in for a moment…..He can park TWO THOUSAND CARS at his house !!!! (The envy meter is in the red now !)

The day was all in aid of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, an the 7 puind entrance was going to a great cause.


On the drive is littered with multi-million pound metalwork, and Nick has a very eclectic collection including IndyCars , GT Racers, CanAm, and a great collection of old & new Ferraris (F40, 250GTO, F12 TFD, LaFerrari (in Blue !) …..I’m going to stop now as I’m drooling all over my keyboard.


This is the life !, with an very relaxed atmosphere, stalls selling interesting garden ornaments and arts and crafts, music, a great BBQ, it’s a bit like a stately home with a Goodwood Revival/Festival of speed vibe….very relaxed, with an open all areas feel.

The car park had some nice metalwork on show, and around 2000 cars turned up – Who has a drive that big theses days !

Thanks to Nick for Opening up his sizeable gardens and letting us mere mortals glimpse the ‘real life’ behind a Floydian Rockster !

Cheers !



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